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SOTD for 6/8/2009: The New Pornographers – “The Laws Have Changed”

Today’s Song of the Day:

The New Pornographers – “The Laws Have Changed”

In 1997, two powerful nations – well, one powerful nation and its northernly neighbor – decided to delegate the task of creating an international indie rock band to its citizens. Storms raged and lightning flashed, but when it was all over…the indie supergroup The New Pornographers remained.  True, it wasn’t quite that magical, and maybe SOTD can’t help but to perceive the group as a bit nerdy, but the team really does hope you enjoy this song.

“The Laws Have Changed” was released on the 2003 The New Pornographers album titled Electric Version. The song’s sound seems oddly paradoxical, as it manages to sound happy-go-lucky while subtly offering a sound critique of America’s foreign policy around the beginning of George W. Bush’s second presidential term. In addition to attacking the U.S.’s adoption of unilateral, preemptive warfare to invade Iraq (“It was crime at the time, so the laws, we changed them”), the song also goes on to mock the population for defensively attaching patriotism to whatever then-president Bush decided to do, sarcastically singing “All hail…what will be revealed today.”










Though not quite fit for a textbook, The New Pornographers  may be the first group to use the power of song to contrast America’s foreign policy of the 1990’s with the 2003 issuance of former President Bush’s new National Security Report. Regardless of your political persuasion, SOTD thinks that the light, offbeat indie pop of The New Pornographers is worth a listen.

SOTD says, The New Pornographers sounds like: “Mates of State – but with more angst and purpose.”

“The Laws Have Changed” doesn’t quite so much have a video, but you can check out The New Pornographers’ 2007 video for a soft tune titled “Challengers” at the following link:

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