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SOTD for 6/9/2009: Daniel Merriweather – “Change”

Today’s Song of the Day:

Daniel Merriweather feat. Wale – “Change”

Keeping with the theme of change, today, SOTD would like to proudly introduce the Australian-born R&B singer Daniel Merriweather, a mate from down under who is preparing to infiltrate that new 3rd-generation iPhone you just bought. Singing with a voice as smooth as Gnarls Barkley’s, and supported by the rapping of Wale, Merriweather has put forth an instantly catchy new single based on some strong piano backing. Although not quite so successful in the States, Merriweather’s brand new album, Love and War, already has skyrocketed to a #2 position in the UK charts.

“Change” is a song not about change, but about the lack thereof. Merriweather laments that societal change is not occuring fast enough, and he seems more than anything to resent the fact he sees that one person alone cannot make a difference. While it may be collectively logical to make the change, Merriweather begs the question – “what’s the point?” – if no one else is going to do their part. Disappointed and frustrated, the lyrics speak to change coming down from the top, which appears to be what Merriweather believes he will have to wait for.

“Ain’t shit changin’ but diapers on babies.” – “Change”

This song has such a catchy beat, that SOTD might even recommend it if the song lyrics were a biography on Kenny G. Thankfully, we have not yet been faced with said moral dilemma, and can pass along a solid new track with haste and confidence.

 SOTD says, Daniel Merriweather sounds like: “An English version of Jamiroquai dishing out an added dose of hip hop; not able to dance perhaps, but able to move the crowd.”

 Let Merriweather change your world by checking out his video at:

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