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SOTD for 6/10/2009: Richard Cheese – “Baby Got Back”

  Today’s Song of the Day: 

Richard Cheese – “Baby Got Back”

Richard Cheese does not remake music – he deforms, warps, and reconfigures it until it has become something nearly unrecognizable.  With the help of his band, Lounge Against the Machine, Cheese makes it his business to mold hits of all genres, vocal styles, and time periods into sweet, sweet lounge music that is so good, you almost want to take him seriously. 

“Baby Got Back” is just one more notch on Cheese’s musical belt.  In the same vein that Weird Al Yankovic‘s “Amish Paradise” forever altered the emotional connotations of Coolio‘s “Gangsta’s Paradise,” Cheese has forever destroyed a piece of the meaning in Sir Mix-a-Lot‘s classic hit.  Sweeping piano strokes and Sinatra-like singing dominate the song, and one is left feeling like they’re enjoying champagne in a 1950’s lounge.  “Baby Got Back” comes off of Cheese’s 2002 album Tuxicity; clearly, Richard Cheese is not a man who is afraid of wearing a tiger print tuxedo. 

Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine

Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine

 With a smile that says “I come from a long family line of used car salesmen,” and a sound that communicates that “If Sinatra was alive, he’d probably punch me in the face,” Richard Cheese has won the hearts and minds of the SOTD team.  Let’s jus thope he has an exit strategy.

SOTD says, Richard Cheese sounds like: “How Frank Sinatra would have turned out had he been Weird Al’s college roommate.” 

For a counterexample, check out what can go terribly, terribly wrong in a remake, and check out this Youtube version of “Baby Got Back” at the following address:


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