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SOTD for 6/11/2009: The Church – “Happenstance”



Today’s Song of the Day:

The Church – “Happenstance”

Sounding rather Bowie-esque, The Church comes off just bizarre enough to crack SOTD.  While some might recognize the group’s style from the inclusion of their hit “Under the Milky Way” in the movie Donnie Darko, the band is anything but new.  The band was formed way back in 1980 in the capital of Australia, which, for all of SOTD’s geography whizzes – in other words, none of you – is Canberra, Australia’s largest inland city. 

“Happenstance” has a modest amount of comeback potential for the group.  Included on the group’s latest album, released exactly one month ago and titled, or rather, untitled, Untitled #23.  Upon first listen, the images that appear in the SOTD team’s head are of some sort of Halloween-themed wedding band gone wrong.  However, after hanging around for a minute or two, the team began to get into the song.  We didn’t get into the song because the images went away…we just got into the idea of a halloween-themed wedding band gone wrong.  We hope that you can too.

Australian band The Church Australian band The Church

 “Close your eyes in the dark, and open up a door,
You feel the energy arc, you’re not here anymore.”


 The pyschadelic sound of The Church is something to be avoided when sober, and imbibed cautiously when not.  While this may not seem like a rousing endorsement, SOTD deems the song worth a listen.

SOTD says, The Church sounds like: “An impresonation of the Flight of the Conchords impersonating David Bowie.”


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