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SOTD for 6/12/2009: Dirty Projectors – “Stillness is the Move”


Today’s Song of the Day: 

Dirty Projectors – “Stillness is the Move”
From the moment of Dirty Projectors‘ June 9th release of Bitte Orca, “Stillness is the Move” has been kept close to the hearts of the SOTD team.  It’s a simple, smooth song on the surface that invites the listener to bob and sway their head, as if moving around their ears had the ability to somehow let more of this sweet, sweet music inside.  The Dirty Projectors are an experimental indie rock group based in Brooklyn, NY.  The group is led by Dave Longstreth, who manages a process that involves new and old faces constantly shifting in and out of the band’s lineup.  In “Stillness is the Move,” Longstreth’s music is backed by vocalist Amber Coffman, in what appears to be a coming out party of sorts for her. 

“Stillness is the Move” is the first song off of the new album.  In pondering the meaning of the song, it seems that Coffman is singing to make her case for keeping a relationship together.  After all that the couple has gone through, she doesn’t believe that there is a problem that wouldn’t be able to get through.  Caught up in the heat of the moment, worrying about where the couple needs to go and what needs to happen, Coffman beautifully reminds us of another option on the table – stillness is the move.


Dirty Projectors

Dirty Projectors


The Dirty Projectors’s sound might be among the coolest in recent memory at SOTD.  The “hook,” if you call it that, is something simple and hip-hop friendly.  For a brand new album that’s been getting quite a bit of buzz, SOTD only has one comment – believe the hype.  Put on your headphones, lean back in your chair, and freeze; stillness is the move.  Just don’t take it too far.  You still have to get out of bed at some point today.


SOTD says, Dirty Projectors sounds like: “An adventurous indie experiment of rock, African beats, and serene vocals.” 

SOTD Underappreciation Ratio (SUR):  9/2 = 4.5 U

SUR is defined as the factor of society’s current underappreciation, which is calculated by dividing the inherent greatness of the song by its current level of appreciation.  Examples of factors that drive a high “underappreciation score” include: not having the song available on iTunes/Amazon, no one having posted the lyrics online, not having a music video, etc.


Check out a live video of The Dirty Projectors from a SXSW show at:  Note the crowd’s reaction, and pause for a moment to realize something – no one in the crowd had ever heard the song before 


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