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SOTD for 6/16/2009: Iron & Wine – “Love and Some Verses”

Today’s Song of the Day: 

Iron & Wine – “Love and Some Verses” (Submitted by Rikin Vasani)

Samuel Beam is not one to rush, musically speaking.  For one, his music is patient and soft, with light vocals supported by the gentle play of stringed instruments like the banjo, acoustic guitar, and slide guitar.  For another, Beam did not get his start musically for many years.  After earning a degree in art, specializing in painting, from Virginia Commonwealth University, Beam eventually went on to become a professor of film and cinematography for a time while living in Miami and writing music.  A regular Susan Boyle, after more than seven years of writing music, Beam finally borrowed a four-track recorder from a friend and recorded a demo.  Upon hearing it, the owner of Sup Pop Records eventually contacted Beam, and the rest, as they say, is history.

In “Love and Some Verses,” Iron & Wine speaks to a woman of changing attitude and contentments.  As the woman changes, her partner sings to her, perhaps hoping to change with her, and hoping that their two lives will be woven together.

 Iron & Wine, a.k.a. Samuel Beam
For having the word “iron” in his recording name, Beam’s music makes him come across as a softy.  “Love and Some Verses” is no exception to this, and it’s a song so tender that it seems only fit to accompany beautiful moments.  Whether you’re lying in bed, watching the one you love sleep, or daydreaming at work, staring at a photo of someone you used to be close to, Iron & Wine knows how you feel…even if your therapist doesn’t.

SOTD says, Iron & Wine sounds like: “Folk rock of the likes of Simon and Garfunkel, stoned out of their minds, but at peace with the world.”   

SOTD Underappreciation Ratio (SUR):  7/5 = 1.4xU
Note: SUR is defined as the factor of society’s current underappreciation, which is calculated by dividing the inherent greatness of the song by its current level of appreciation.  Examples of factors that drive a high “underappreciation score” include: not having the song available on iTunes/Amazon, no one having posted the lyrics online, not having a music video, etc.


Check out what appears to be a tribute video to “Love and Verses” at  Count ’em – it has 106,000 hits.


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