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SOTD for 6/18/2009: The Flaming Lips – “The Sound of Failure”

Today’s Song of the Day: 
Flaming Lips – “The Sound of Failure / It’s Dark…Is It Always This Dark?”
Truly, the Flaming Lips deserve a better entry than the SOTD team has time for today.  Be that as it may, the failure of SOTD to give it to them is somewhat in line with their featured song.  The Oklahoma City-based psychadelic indie rock band has been around for a couple of decades, but seems to have hit a stride in the past few years with some semi-hit songs and a great track from the soundtrack of Wedding Crashers – “Mr. Ambulance Driver.”

“The Sound of Failure…” is a song that was reportedly written by the band for a friend whose father was dying of cancer.  Specifically, the song’s lyrics appear to address a girl whose friend has recently died.  Fed up with all of the artificial optimism and cheery friends, the narrator ultimately opens up about her feelings and accepts the dark sadness that envelopes her the finality of death.

The Flaming Lips

Failures, be they deaths or unmet expectations, get a bad rep.  A life of continued success is a life of safety – individuals who operate only within the realm of what is safe, or unlikely to fail, ultimately restrict themselves from ever finding and expanding true boundaries.  In fewer words, if you’re not failing, you’re not really trying.   Whether or The Flaming Lips fail to catch your fancy, the group has built an impressive indie track record.  And in their failure…SOTD sees their success.

SOTD says, Flaming Lips sounds like: “Era-defying, nerdy, psychadelic and beautiful – mashed together and baked into a fruitcake.” 
SOTD Underappreciation Ratio (SUR):  7/5 = 1.3U
SUR is defined as the factor of society’s current underappreciation, which is calculated by dividing the inherent greatness of the song by its current level of appreciation.  Examples of factors that drive a high “underappreciation score” include: not having the song available on iTunes/Amazon, no one having posted the lyrics online, not having a music video, etc.
For the link to “Mr. Ambulance Driver,” whose video is unfortunately less-than-ideal, check out  SOTD could truly send out about a dozen Flaming Lips songs, so please, pretty please – check ’em out when you get the chance. 

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