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SOTD for 6/19/2009: Two Door Cinema Club – “Something Good Can Work”

Today’s Song of the Day: 
Two Door Cinema Club – “Something Good Can Work”
Whatever the initial concept was for the debut single from UK-based Two Door Cinema Club, it is certainly working.  After checking out this single, it is inconceivable to the minds at SOTD that this group could be a still unsigned artist, as their MySpace page would appear to indicate.
The catchiness level of “Something Good Can Work” is so high, that the song would still be a hit if the lyrics were a description of the process of photosynthesis.  As it is, the song’s lyrics are upbeat and optimistic, which jive perfectly with the light-hearted, playful guitar riffs that back the song.  

Two Door Cinema Club

Despite their being a UK band, SOTD can’t help but believe that Two Door Cinema Club is set to become significantly more popular in the near future.  They are something very good, and they work very well.  Check out this track, enjoy it, and then go enjoy your weekend.

SOTD says, Two Door Cinema sounds like: “Upbeat, high octave vocals and guitar that is so infections that it could make James Earl Jones try to hit the high note.” 
SOTD Underappreciation Ratio (SUR):  7/2 = 3.5U
SUR is defined as the factor of society’s current underappreciation, which is calculated by dividing the inherent greatness of the song by its current level of appreciation.  Examples of factors that drive a high “underappreciation score” include: not having the song available on iTunes/Amazon, no one having posted the lyrics online, not having a music video, etc.
Check out a video (audio is much less quality, for the record) at:
About Song of the Day:
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