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SOTD for 6/23/2009: Miike Snow – “Silvia”

Today’s Song of the Day: 

Miike Snow – “Silvia”

Do not let your eyes confuse you – Miike Snow is not supposed to read “Mike Snow.”  Miike Snow is a Swedish indie electropop group named after the famed Japanese director Takashi Miike.  Miike is fairly well-known among film fans for his violent and often unnerving movies, which frequently feature the organized crime group known as the Yakuza.  While Miike is rumored to have ties to the Yakuza, the SOTD team is doubting their presence extends to Sweden. 

“Silvia” is a song that SOTD interprets to be about coveting a stranger.  Speaking of reaching the city by following the power lines, the lyrics would seem to suggest riding on public transportation.  As the car stops, the woman gets off, and the man on her arm follows.  Wishing that he would have gotten off, the narrator asks the woman to stop the car, so that he can get off and chase after her before he loses her forever. 

Miike Snow

Miike Snow

Despite the fact that Sweden once labeled James Blunt’s similar love for a stranger on public transportation song “You’re Beautiful”  the worst song of the year, the Swedes seem to be going for this one.  In the vein of Downey Jr.’s character says in the film Tropic Thunder, “You never go half-[stalker].”   “Silvia” should have no problem being creepy enough for the homeland, as its electro-techno beats effectively back the sinister stalker-speak contained behind them. 

SOTD says, Miike Snow sounds like: “A fight between a piano and a synthesizer to support vocals vaguely similar to OneRepublic.” 

SOTD Underappreciation Ratio (SUR):  5/3 = 1.7U

SUR is defined as the factor of society’s current underappreciation, which is calculated by dividing the inherent greatness of the song by its current level of appreciation.  Examples of factors that drive a high “underappreciation score” include: not having the song available on iTunes/Amazon, no one having posted the lyrics online, not having a music video, etc. 

Check out the video at:


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