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SOTD Takes a Hiatus (6/30/09)

SOTD Members,
It is with great pain and sorrow that the SOTD Team must announce the temporary discontinuance of the musical cooperative known as SongOfTheDay, or SOTD for short.  Although it may be time to say farewell, please do not call it a goodbye.  Instead, if you will, consider it an indefinite hiatus.
In nature, it is widely acknowledged that there are forces which exist that are beyond human comprehension.  Mysterious and complex, these forces challenge even the most sacredly held laws of humans’ science.  There is dark matter, there are black holes, there are the Northern Lights, and there is of course, the Bermuda triangle.  As we struggle to comprehend the true significance of such phenomena, these forces hold dominion over our attention and imagination.  Such a force…was SOTD.  Sadly, the wind has shifted, and it has left behind merely dust and perhaps, the faint smell of a recently doused campfire.
Despite this hiatus, SOTD believes that a time will come when its return will be needed.  Someday, perhaps a day not too far from today, great indie rock will rise again.  With its return, indie rockers of the prophecy will unleash guitar riffs so epic that their musical undercurrents will shake the very foundations of the music industry.  Until that day, and until SOTD has a suitable medium for honoring its prestigious membership in the way it deserves, SOTD is putting down the mouse…and closing the laptop. 
For now, please accept SOTD #111 – Mae – “Goodbye, Goodnight.”    

Goodbye...for now

Goodbye...for now

Don’t worry – we’ll be back.


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